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2007-01-06 - 3:02 a.m.

i'm so tired. i'm talking to wankers. i feel sick. i feel tumours drifting in my blood. i'm going insane i think.

frogz moved in. her mother pushed her too far. god that woman is a bitch. and yeah now she staying till i get my stupid payments back and we can move out together. i'm happy but i know she feel bad for leaving her sisters and her dad not talking to her so i feel sad. i don't know how to cheer her up. i suck at this shit. she asleep now.

i should sleep but i don't want to but god these people are stupid and irritating. i rip my skin off and it bleeds and hurts so i wait till it heals and repeat the process.

i need water and cigarettes.
i have water and cigarettes.

i feel my lungs drowning in tar. i feel my eyes drowning in tiredness. i feel my body drowning in fat.

I HATE ME!!!!!!!!!!!

i should drink my bottle of vodka.

my thoughts are too scattered for this.


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