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2009-09-22 - 4:27 a.m.

why do i leave you abandoned for so long dearest diary?

because i am me and i very much dislike commitment especially to online public areas.

so life has moved along but is still rather the same. second semester of uni. passing subjects. constantly under pressure, procrastinating, leaving work till the very last minute.

my greatest success of the year = making a new friend.

And having a movie night for the first time in sooo long with the frog which I am currently in the middle of. It is a success even though i have been distracted by a craving to write in you dearest diary.

i think i'm tired of my mind being opened up to new revelations about how corrupt and disgusting and completely money-driven our world is. i think i liked being at least partially naive. i was already cynical. what do you call it when you are beyond cynical? super-cynical. mega-cynical. ultra-giganto-cynical.

i believe the last three words have just told me quite clearly that i have already run out of things to write.

mwah mwah bye bye

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