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2005-02-10 - 7:56 p.m.

Imprisoned in their eyez
Trapped in their wordz
Cornered by their thoughtz
No point in trying to escape
Failure is inevitable

well there i go. writing weird thingz again. do i scare anyone i wonder. or are these just meaningless wordz to them. No person behind them. Detached.

I am Silence sent to frame you
I am Violence sent to fuck you up

I'm writing a guide to suicide. very informative i hope. i'll put it on here after itz written. maybe i can get some little kiddies to take a leap of faith and cut that bit deeper or take just a few more pillz.

Evilness is Purity
Suicide is Heavenly

Over and over again. Over and over again. Over and over again.

Deep red is blurring my eyes
I'll wait in the closet until tonight
I want you to explain your feelings to me
The blade on your skin is what matters to me
I would wait for you to scream and shout, but
You open your mouth, and blood runs out.
The knife cutz through her skin
And your heart startz beating faster
You feel the pressure within
When you look into her eyez

Beautiful wordz.

Apoptygma Berzerk. Great band. Listen to them. They have good advice.

Lights out

Forever in Darkness
The Sadness
You're insane
Inside number 25
You did commit suicide
You killed them all and ur killed urself
They think that ur alive
But u know that they are wrong
U left ur body in a prison cell
Before u went to hell

Ghandi said that an eye for an eye leaves us all blind.

Maybe hez right. Getting someone back leaves you worse off.

I have friendz but I am essentially alone. They don't know who I am inside.
They don't know me.
But I'm not about to tell them that.
I have 3 friendz.
I think itz the most i've ever had.
Thatz really pathetic.
The freak is happi to have a couple of friendz.
the freak doesn't deserve to be happi.

They're the onli thingz holding me up but the rope is breaking. I'm about to let go.

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