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2004-12-05 - 8:31 p.m.

There are onli 2 religionz in the world that i respect. They are buddhism and wiccan. I respect them because they accept other religionz and don't spend their time trying to turn other people to their religionz. I don't know any other religionz like that, there could be some, but I ain't heard of 'em.

I used to speak to a christian guy. really religious. No matter how much I told him that I would never have the christian beliefz he kept trying to make me believe the same as him. He once said that he woz just trying to show me the bridge across the river but I reckon there are many bridgez and each can choose their own. I'm wiccan and I hate christianity, but I when I talk to a christian I don't try and convince them that my beliefz are the right onez. that my godz are the right godz. Everyone has a right to their own thoughtz.

Australia is said to have freedom of speech but that is not true. Not in the way that we think of it. But because there aren't hundredz of people screaming and yelling for their rightz, the government does not feel obligated to give us that freedom. They will just continue to let us believe that we already have it.

Meh. I'm just dribbling shit.

A goodbye is only painful if you know you will never say hello again.

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