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2004-12-11 - 11:55 p.m.

fuck this stupid fucking diary thing. it fuckin deleted all the fuckin stuff that i wrote.
i wanna fuckin kill it.

look how bloody normal i am.
see my smile.
i'm going to die. wanna read my suicide note:

I was never here so how can u be sad.
I was never breathing so how can u miss me
I was never helpful so how can u say I was needed.
My death is nothing.
The onli reason u wanted me alive woz so u wouldn't feel guilty when I died.

Bye Bye

Inspiring isn't it. Show it to all the little kiddies so they can know how fucked up I am. I'm sure it would make them smile.


Kill Ambre

Look at me

Run away

Whisper about me

Laugh at me


Call the ambulance


Say Ur Sorri

Watch me Die

Be Happi

I'm So Normal. I luv u all. I'm so normal. Gimme a hug. I'm so normal. Watch out for the knife. Ha Ha Ha.

U can't kill me, I'm already fuckin dead.

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