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2004-12-25 - 11:15 p.m.

I lived. I survived the torturous day. Itz a miracle.

Woz just as I expected. 'Cept I sat there bored most of the time. I would gladly have spent my time bonding with the spider but I have to seem somewhat normal for the family. They're scared enough of me already.

I really like that spider I got. Itz so adorably cute. Yay. And itz safe from insect killer sprayz because my mother likez it to. She prolly won't when it getz bigger but meh. she'll live.

I think I sound happy. Hiss. Thatz a horrible thing to say. Unforgivable. I hate that word. This girl i know is alwayz happy and then when she found out i woz fucked up she told me so much bullshit about how bad her life woz. I believed her coz i believe the happiest ppl are the most fucked up but she told me later she woz lying. bitch. lol. I can't talk. Itz a luvly habit of mine 2.

How can people be so content just to fit in with the rest of the world. How can it make their little mindz jump for joy. But then again if there weren't normal people I couldn't kill them.

Freedom meanz difference, difference meanz hate, hate meanz pain, pain meanz death.

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