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2008-11-05 - 3:19 p.m.

Some way to escape
Words come easy behind a screen when theres no winter face to face to be seen. King of insects you eat your own atop an ant hill you call your throne. Kingdom of one. So unaware. As one by one your subjects vanish into air. Chatter to the wind, make your decree and save your venom for the ones who disagree.
Some way to escape
Your castle walls are falling, your bodys frail. Your window of the world is miniscule in scale. Burrow deep now, escape the light, heaven forbid you have to face the ones you slight.
King of insects you eat your own.
Some way to escape

Do you believe in the nobility of suicide? No
Just one more time, for the sake of sanity. Tell me why. Explain the gravity that drove you to this. that brought you to this place. that pushed you down into the ground give me the chance i was denied to sit and talk with you for one last time did i disappoint you did i let you down did i stand on the shore and watch you as you drowned can you forgive me i never knew the pain you carried deep inside of you. i can't forget having to see the words that knocked the wind right out of me its not enough i've come undone trying to find sense where there is none just give me peace you owe me that to help ward off the fears i must combat. and so i ask for one more chance to understand this senseless circumstance help me to see this through your eyes the reasons i've been trying to surmise though you are gone i am still your son while your pain is over mine has just begun.

Hello if you're there pick up the phone. I'm calling from 30 thousand feet above you. The captains just informed us that our plane is going down so i'm calling for one last time to say i love you.
I'm not certain how much time i may have left so i'll be brief i'm sorry if this message only amplifies your grief but i couldnt bear the burden of never having said goodbye and the pain you feel i promise you will go away in time.
I'm sorry i won't be there to see our children grow please tell them that i loved them more than they will ever know. tell my family and friends how much i loved them all is well. i'm sure that we will meet again but only time will tell.
I'm sorry most of all that i wont be there when you grow old. to be there by your side and keep you warm when you are cold. forgive me but i think my time is drawing to a close. i have one last thing to tell you now before i have to go.

yes i am bored. yes they are assemblage 23 lyrics. they're awesome aint they.

life is so boring. days are welded together.

House on Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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