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2004-12-23 - 10:08 p.m.

itz weird. i can't sleep at night anymore. i'm wide awake until about 5:30 am and then i fall asleep. itz not coz i'm scared of the dark or anything. I luv it. i'm just wide awake. I've tried not sleeping all day and then i'm dead tired but i still don't sleep at night. Itz gonna kill me when I go bak to skool. Meh. Who cares? I've alwayz been sleep-deprived. Insomniac. Hey maybe itz why i'm so fucked up. Coz i'm alwayz tired. Wouldn't that be an easy solution. As if. Nothingz easy. It can seem easy but therez alwayz a complication.

Wordz are like poison, the effectz can take a while to emerge or they can be sudden and deadly.

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