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2008-11-26 - 10:21 p.m.

i'm on a temporary high due to some minimal human socialisation.

but i'm also bored shitless.

my leg won't stop bleeding. damn ocd

i got a ring to replace to my stud. it is too big and looks like some kind of lip tumour. so i getting stud back and getting my last piercing. i hope.

i dread christmas more and more.

my teeth hurt. they dont like metal.

i havent spoken to zoe since she asked for money last. i feel like i am an atm for her. people shouldn't leave.

its too hot to breathe.

its funny that i said i was in a good mood but all i'm doing is complaining. argh who else am i gonna complain too? better to complain here then to whine at all the people around me.

minimal sleep last night.

my tailbone hurts from falling down the stairs.

why is there only murder on tv? why do humans crave shows about death n murder and the gorier the better? i can't. i hate it. i'm bored with it. it fucks with my head and i hate it.

i bought the david pelzer trilogy. its sad. people are bad. writing is good. i should read more.

my fingers are bleeding. damn ocd.

my tobacco used to last 7 days. then 6, then 5 now only 4. costs go up. not good for saving money.

its hard to hate itec when they being nice and not annoying me too much but i still hate them. centrelink is monthly. thank god. but then again i was only going out every fortnight, is it going to only be every month now?

i find out about uni january 15. i feel like i have been waiting forever. i seriously am having doubts that i will get in now and if i don't then there is nothing else for me to do and i will be lost. but i will not freak out till the time comes.

i don't want my family to judge me. i want to hide.

i think i have run out of things to complain about.

right now i am liking aimee and colinz coz they are still nice. though it may be just pity but i will pretend its not.

bye bye diary. stay beautiful

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