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2005-07-25 - 8:22 p.m.

u worry me you know and you don't seem to care. you just find it funny. but you are hiding behind something and its all a pretence. the indifference. its not real. but its up to you to decide what you want. you could be so much but you're throwing it all away.

there. thatz all i'm going to say. nothing more ever. i'll leave it at that. i can't do anything anymore. i give up. happy now.

i wish they wouldn't hate me. i wish they knew who i was instead of pretending i'm not there. you used to know me. how can you not acknowledge my existance anymore.

i'm letting go slowly.

they don't understand.

no one understands. and the days are dragging past.

my eyes hurt because they're tired of continuously having to open again. they want to be closed forever.

when they're read. these words mean nothing. but they represent everything i can't say.

they're real.

take them seriously.

i'm real

take me seriously

stop laughing

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