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2004-11-30 - 8:00 p.m.

People want so much. Some want to be rich and famous, some want to have loadz of kidz, some want happiness, some want destruction. They want everything. They never look at what they already have. I'm like that to but I don't want to be, so let me think of what i have.

I have a relatively good place to live in.
I have a mother
I have some good friendz.
I have lotz of family close to me.
I have some people that care about me.
I have money to spend on what I want.
I live in a country where therez not war, or extreme poverty. Well, not realli.
I have freedom.

Thatz more than a lot of people have. I guess I should feel lucky and all that shit but I can't. I still feel sad and depressed and I still feel like I have nothing. People say I have everything I need, but thatz not what I want. Therez people that go thru so much suffering and still come out of it happy and strong...yet me, one little thing and I break down. I'm weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, WEAK.

Hate is a strong word for weak people.

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